About us

London Racket Sport (LRS) is a community effort designed to provide you with insight on racket sports, mainly focusing on promoting the sport of badminton in London, Ontario. The three main objectives of this effort are:

1) Provide badminton enthusiasts with updates/information regarding badminton events in the area

2) Hone your skills in the sport, and inspire you to participate in tournaments and play the sport at a competitive level

3) Offer badminton lessons to excel in your favorite racket sport.

London Racket Sport is designed to be your next step in fitness and to provide you with the best guidance and tricks of the trade in your favorite sport. So, come and be a part of our team !!!!!!


Girish S., Coordinator of London Racket Sport (LRS)


I have always been passionate about badminton. I started playing the sport since the age of ten and I have always loved it. I competed at the school, university, and provincial levels. I have always been keen on motivating other players to play badminton and stay fit !!!

I moved to London about five years ago and have been playing badminton at several clubs around the city. However, I noticed that the facilities did not cater to beginners and young badminton enthusiasts. This prompted me to come up with London Racket Sport in an effort to initiate a junior and beginners badminton club to play the sport at recreational and competitive levels. I believe LRS will act as a forum where other like-minded badminton players like myself will come forward with their ideas and enthusiasm to join me in this effort.

LRS is where we can exchange information about tips and techniques, places to play in the city, Spectrum badminton programs, upcoming tournaments, and badminton clinics.

If you would like to get some more information, please contact me at londonracketsports@gmail.com