Badminton Drop

Badminton drop

Use the badminton drop shot to move your opponent to the frontcourt. It will create space in the midcourt and backcourt for you to exploit. Wrist action is essential in providing the disguise and element of surprise. The optimum hitting zone is located somewhere above the central area of your racket. A slow drop shot shall land in your opponent’s frontcourt area, as close to the net as possible. The point of impact is above the racket shoulder. It is intended to move your opponent to the frontcourt, hopefully forcing a weak return to your midcourt for you to kill.





Forehand Smash Technique Explained…………….


Jump Smash 

Secret of Follow through…………………

Towards the end of the amazing rally you will notice Lee chong wei executing a fast drive on LinDan. He could accomplish this only with his slick follow through. Look at the speed of his follow through after the smash, leading with his right leg and completing the drive with a lunge.

Badminton Smash


Did you know ?

Traditional shuttlecocks are made from 16 goose or duck feathers stuck into a cork which is then covered with soft leather. Modern shuttlecocks are now made of plastic or nylon, although traditionalists still prefer the feathered shuttle, or birdie, which is used in professional play.